Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, Affordable Quality

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds Are Suitable For Any Room Including Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Kitchens.One trend that looks here to stay is the faux wood venetian blinds. Offering both 35mm and 50mm slat options and a range of 21 colours in smooth or fine grain finish together with a choice of 30 different tape options. What has made the Fauxwood popular is the price together with the introduction of the tapes to wood venetians which has transformed the look of the blind.

Fauxwood means literally “fake wood”, it is a high-quality composite plastic, that’s environmentally friendly and fairly inexpensive to produce when compared to traditional wooden blinds. It’s tough too, being a composite it is very strong and under normal use it could be described as indestructible giving you years of stylish service.

As the faux wood blinds are manufactured from a composite they are also waterproof. As such they are suitable for use in both bathrooms and kitchens where natural wood venetians are not. Good advice for fitting faux wood venetian blinds in kitchen and bathrooms is to opt for the corded style as the tapes on the taped blinds can be stained with mildew, grease and food.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds Are Waterproof & Hard Wearing

Choosing the right colour of any blind is essential to giving the décor of the room its wow factor. A blind should complement its surroundings, not just be functional.

Every faux wood blind comes with comprehensive fitting instructions together with brackets, clips, pelmets and screws giving you everything required to install the blind. It is imperative that you use all of the brackets supplied. The faux wood venetians are a heavy blind and their weight needs to be distributed evenly. It’s also important to position the brackets over the cylinders in the headrail as this will prevent the movement of the slats.

At The Online Blind Company we take child safety very seriously and as such we provide all of our faux wood venetian blinds with the legal safety devices. With our faux wood venetian blinds this consists of a breakaway cord condenser and a toggle cleat. The toggle cleat is for wrapping the extended cord around when the blind is in the raised position, ensuring your child’s safety in accordance with UK law.


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